Monday, July 4, 2011

Olivia Wilde For L.A. Times Magazine July 2011

Olivia Wilde goes blonde for her cover shoot with L.A. Times Magazine, July 2011. Scroll down for more photos and interview excerpts:

On her work in Haiti, where she visits regularly, to help rebuild the country after the 2010 earthquake (Haiti is a place she fell in love with as a child when her mother did a piece there): “I was crouched outside this cholera clinic, sitting on a cinder block with my phone,” recalls Wilde, who volunteers with Haitians through the nonprofit Artists for Peace and Justice, “[about] to help hand out rice at a refugee camp and figure out how our students can build more classrooms. It was hard for me to be on the ball during that call, but I had to remember that acting is actually my job. Whenever I want to say, ‘F--k Hollywood,’ I have to remember that the reason I am even useful in Haiti is because I have a job here.”

On her breakthrough role as Mischa Barton’s lover on The O.C. and the lesbian makeout scene which continues to be a YouTube hit:  “Oh, the joys of the internet,” Wilde sighed.  “Nothing ever dies.”

On her upcoming role in the Jon Favreau-directed film, Cowboys & Aliens, where she plays a mysterious traveler: “I was shocked to see there weren’t many strong female characters in western cinema tradition.”  Here's what director Jon Favreau had to say about Olivia Wilde: “Someone who’s that attractive and talented and smart? Sky’s the limit for her, because that just doesn’t come around that often.”

"Olivia Wilde has always had brains. Her journalist parents, who trekked the globe for CBS, ABC, National Geographic and Vanity Fair, often let young Olivia horn in on political conversations at the family home in Washington, D.C.She can rattle off news bits like a Christiane Amanpour sans trench coat." (L.A.Times Magazine)

Wilde has 6 unreleased films waiting in the wings, 3 of which are going to be released by the end of the year: Cowboys & Aliens (sci-fi meets western blockbuster), In Time (futuristic thriller) and The Change-Up (romantic comedy). Here's what The Change-Up director David Dobkin said about Olivia Wilde: “She’s gonna blow up. She doesn’t just fulfill a role. She’s smart. She’s cutting-edge. She is her own thing. I feel like I’m looking at another Faye Dunaway, breaking big. I’ve had experiences where people don’t know how to create without drawing outside the lines. But she has a way of not ever being outside the lines. She knows what the movie is, you know? She knows not to abandon the film.”

Olivia Wilde will also return to the next season of House as Thirteen.

Stella McCartney cream dot tulle dress

Marchesa black lace corset dress

Chanel Paris-Byzance embroidered lace dress, Roger Vivier sandals
Photographed by Ruven Afanador and styled by Hayley Atkin

Courtesy of L.A. Times Magazine

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