Monday, July 4, 2011

New O.P.I. Nail Polish Collections

Here's a sneak peek at the new O.P.I. nail polish collections that are coming out soon: Nice Stems! and Femme de Cirque.

Nice Stems is pink-based, inspired by vibrant floral shades, ranging from pale to bold fuchsia, while Femme de Cirque is a softer collection with delicate shades of pinks and nudes.

 Nice Stems (above):

  • Put your money on this lovely soft playful pink shade in Play the Peonies.
  • Come to Poppy, surrender and shine in this shimmering shade of coral pink.
  • Be a Dahlia Won’t You and give yourself a fabulous gift of floral fuchsia
  • Fall head over heels and marry your best friend in this light pink sparkle in I Lily Love You.

 Femme de Cirque:

  • I Juggle Men, a nude pearlescent shade with a hint of lavender
  • So Many Clowns So Little Time, a pale creamy shade of off white
  • In The Spotlight Pink, a delicate almost translucent shade of pale pink
  • Step Right Up, an opaque shade of pale pink


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