I have been a journalist and radio host for as long as I can remember (I fell in love with radio broadcasting and started working when I was incredibly young, in 1991). I am also a freelance writer, I cover fragrances, fashion and beauty. As an experienced fragrance writer, I enjoy reviewing fragrances and I find the world of perfumes fascinating and compelling.

I have written numerous pieces and reviews for various radio shows and websites. I like beautiful things, witty people, good books, yummy food. I don't like formalities or conventions.

I have also worked as music director, trained others, did radio programming, PR, editing and research.

I have many interests ranging from beauty and perfumes to music and movies, fashion, the internet, design, travel, photography, art. This is basically what you'll find here. All things witty, pretty and delicious!

When I started this website, I never expected that so many people across the world would read it and visit daily. Thank you all for your amazing support, it truly means so much to me! xx


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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. I am not paid for reviews or product recommendations. I do receive PR samples that companies send me but that does NOT affect in any way whatsoever my opinion and assessment of the product. I practice full disclosure. I will always reveal whether my review is based on a PR sample or on an item that I purchased myself. I want my readers to be able to trust my opinions completely, therefore all my reviews are done with honesty and integrity.