Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brief movie review: Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is a little gem of a movie in which a married couple tries to figure out life after their son's death. Brilliantly executed, touching, exquisitely human, Rabbit Hole's strongest points are magnificent acting and raw emotions. At 91 minutes long, it does not drag, it does not get sappy or melodramatic thanks to the skillfully incorporated funny moments.

Nicole Kidman plays Becca, a mother who desperately tries to find ways in which to cope with a tremendous loss and ultimately seeks comfort in a rather unexpected place. This is a real, honest and overall truly great performance from Nicole Kidman. She's never been a particular favorite of mine, but she's impressive in Rabbit Hole where she delivers an Oscar-worthy performance. Along with the winning role in The Hours, this is her finest work to date. Watch her face and gestures carefully, the subtlety and the finesse of her performance are remarkable. She is not the only star who shines in Rabbit Hole. Aaron Eckhart was picked by Kidman to play her husband and he is her match here. Eckhart is Howie, a father who seems to have come to terms with his son's death and at the same time a husband trying to find some common ground with his wife, as the two of them handle grief in different ways. Another great performance comes from Dianne Wiest who plays Becca's compassionate mother. Not to worry, this movie did not leave me sobbing my heart off, as it is not your normal tear-jerker. Even though it deals with a very intimate human drama, it is not as dark and depressing as one would think.

Bonus points for a great tagline - "The only way out is through" - and one of the best movie posters of 2010 (pictured above).

Rabbit Hole is based on the play by David Lindsay-Abaire - who also adapted it for the screen - and directed by John Cameron Mitchell. Rating: 4 out of 5.


Andrew K. said...

Glad to see people remembering this one, it's been woefully ignored. Shame, it's a good one - and Nicole is excellent.

Smaranda said...

Andrew, thank you for commenting. I completely agree with you, even though it's a very good movie with great performances and many critics loved it, it doesn't seem to get any awards traction.

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