Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random post: 15 things House-related

1. House is one of the best TV characters ever created.

2. House can be a jerk. A jerk who saves lives, how about that?

3. All hospital admins should look like Lisa Cuddy.

4. Lisa Cuddy is hot.

5. House is hot.

6. Hugh Laurie has never won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of House. What is wrong with you people? Just give him the darn thing, he deserves it.

7. If it looks like lupus, double check. Triple check. It's (almost) never lupus.

8.  If I ever have to choose, I'd rather have a jerkenius (jerk + genius = jerkenius) doctor treat me and not give up until he figures out what's wrong with me, even if solely for his own pleasure of solving the puzzle. I don't want someone who holds my hand while telling me :"I'm sorry, there is nothing more we can do".

9. Some people take a crap load of pills that they don't really need.

10. Sticking a thermometer up a policeman's butt may get you in a lot of trouble.

11. Lars Ulrich is the best drummer ever. House said so and I happen to agree.

12. House is not just a character. He is a way of life. You either get him or you don't.

13. House is a genius.

14. Genius does have side effects.

15. Everybody lies. Ain't that the truth?

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