Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Things That Count - The Weekly Roundup December 13

Music: Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner - Written in the Stars. Britain's biggest breakthrough act of 2010, Tinie Tempah released this little number at the end of September, but it's still rocking 3 months later. If possible, please ignore the awfully cheesy single cover.

Movie: Going back to classics this week. Scent of a Woman starring the beloved Al Pacino is a great movie, in case you haven't seen it. Al Pacino's outstanding performance won him an Academy Award in 1993 and, as strange as it may be, it is the only Oscar Pacino ever won.

Food/Dessert: The Holidays are here and I believe in desserts. I'm also a firm believer that, while money can't buy you happiness, it sure can buy you dessert. I also think that happiness comes in many forms, one of which is dessert. So there you go. Money can buy you portions of yummy happiness. And isn't happiness supposed to taste sweet anyway? Everybody loves chocolate cake...well, almost everybody. A classic one to try is the Devil's Food Cake or if you want something a bit different, here's an equally tempting Chocolate Panna Cotta Layer Cake. If you're a peppermint fan, you can go for a festive Peppermint Meringue Cake with Chocolate Buttercream or, if you love the chocolate-orange combination, an Orange-Scented Bittersweet Chocolate Cake might be up your alley.

Random thought: I'm going to be late with my Christmas shopping this year. Why am I not surprised?

Perfume: Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille is one of the very best (pipe) tobacco/vanilla fragrances money can buy. It is wonderfully crafted, well balanced and it smells good on both men and women.

Blast from the past: A-Ha - Crying in the Rain. One of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.

Thingy: Completely random, but I came across this cool globe chandelier and just wanted to share. It's one of the light pieces created by Benoit Vieubled. This would have been such an awesome thing to own as a kid, but it's never too late, I guess :)

In the news this week-ish:

Billboard published their year-end charts and the Hot 100 Song of the Year is Ke$ha's hugely successful Tik Tok. Ke$ha is also Billboard's Hot 100 Artist and Top New Artist, while Lady Gaga is Top Artist, which is basically Artist of the Year. Here you can take a look at all the other year-end chart categories.

Time Magazine compiled their own Top 10 lists for 2010, for song, album, movie, TV show, magazine cover and just about every other thing you can think of. You can see them all here.

Yoko Ono gave an interview for Esquire magazine, to be published in their January 2011 issue, entitled :"What I've learned about John Lennon, 30 years on". Here you can read excerpts of it.

Jennifer Lopez revealed her new, over the top album cover. Still no word on the official release date, but it looks like the album will drop in early 2011.

Photos from Flickr, Fragrantica and Black Eiffel.

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