Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Absolu - New Fragrance 2015

Narciso Rodriguez has launched a new fragrance for women, For Her L'Absolu, in partnership with Beauté Prestige International. “The idea for L'Absolu was to create an extremely special fragrance with an air of mystery that will endure. For Her L'Absolu embodies the ultimate femininity with a pure grace," says Narciso Rodriguez.


The fragrance captures the quintessence of grace, its raw beauty and its mercurial nature, in an iconic blend. Rich and intense, the new scent redefines fragrance with a source of power that is subliminal, the power that only an absolu can provide. Once again, the essential duality of Narciso Rodriguez' For Her fragrance range presents sublime sensuality in a  transcendent perfume with the designer’s signature musc at the heart of the scent. For Her L'Absolu is both universal and personal. In creating it, Narciso Rodriguez was inspired by the profound evolution and duality of the modern feminity. The goal was to capture a more powerful intensity without being overwhelming. “I’ve always been transfixed by women who project strength with passion and radiate grace and beauty from the inside out,” says the designer.


L'Absolu is simultaneously raw yet refined, yet intimate—and flawlessly  feminine. Absolute of jasmin, a voluptuous floral, transforms the signature heart  of musc in an intoxicating olfactive composition. Soft amber notes and smooth  woody notes of sandalwood and patchouli add a rich depth that envelops  tenderly.  “Today the notion of femininity is in constant flux yet remains simple at its core. L'Absolu is meant to encapsulate this core femininity with the  utmost grace and sensuality,” says Narciso Rodriguez.


For Her L'Absolu celebrates a woman’s strength, vulnerability and beauty all at the same time in an addictive composition that’s both timeless and timely. The new image of Carmen Kass is captivating, echoing both the sensuality and the intensity of L'Absolu. “Carmen has always been very special to me since she was so much a part of the original creation of For Her,” says Narciso Rodriguez. “She has a very pure beauty, innocent yet somehow very sensual—and it is not just a surface beauty; she has real depth and integrity.” In a gesture of exquisite grace, Carmen Kass portrays passion and desire in an  image that’s both straightforward and elegant—with a hint of the erotic. “For Her L'Absolu conjures the ultimate fantasy—an unpredictable mystery -­ that’s grounded in reality yet evokes the enigma of seduction” adds Narciso Rodriguez.


“For this new fragrance, we chose a deep aubergine color, a rich tone that is very important in our story. Again there’s this sense of duality, an air of  mystery, in the bottle which echoes the fragrance. The bottle is a pure beautiful object; you have to experience it, fall in love with it—just like the fragrance,” adds Narciso Rodriguez. The signature bottle of L'Absolu is a deep aubergine, a new colour in this fragrance range. Aubergine was one of the very first signature colours from the house of Narciso Rodriguez and remains an essential chapter in its ever evolving story. Originally inspired by ancient Chinese snuff bottles, the bottles in Narciso Rodriguez' For Her range are reminiscent of art objects. Simple forms are transformed by For Her's original process of painting from within to lend a light-infused glow and, now, an even more mysterious translucence. For Her L'Absolu: pure intensity and sly nuance join to reveal a consummate fragrance that further enhances the power and enigma of seduction.

For Her L'Absolu is available as Eau de Parfum in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml bottles. You can find it in stores now.

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