Friday, May 22, 2015

Cara Delevingne for WSJ Magazine June 2015

Supermodel Cara Delevingne graces the cover of WSJ. Magazine’s June2015 issue. In a candid interview with WSJ., Delevingne talks about the pitfalls of the modeling industry and her true passions: acting and singing.  

Photographed by Daniel Jackson

Delevingne is just about to make her debut as an actress in Paper Towns, followed by roles in London Fields (with Johnny Depp); Tulip Fever; and Suicide Squad (alongside co-stars Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie).  In addition to her budding Hollywood career, Delevingne talks about why she was a “terrifying” child; the advice Rihanna gave her when she lost a role; and the items she’s guilty of hoarding.

On the downsides of the modeling industry: “It’s horrible living in a world where I’ll get a call from someone saying, So-and-so says you were partying a lot and you were looking this way and you need to lose weight. It makes me so angry. If you don’t want to hire me, don’t hire me.”

On putting her dream of becoming an actress on the back-burner to pursue modeling: “I basically gave up on acting, because trying to get an agent was impossible. Everyone said, ‘You’re just a model,’ …once I had my mind set that I was going to do this modeling thing, I really wanted to beat it, if that makes sense. Win it.”

On expanding her career and avoiding stereotypes: “I don’t want to be that cliché: model-slash-actress.”

Being “brokenhearted” about the cancellation of a Beach Boys film in which she had a role: “With modeling, if someone else gets a job, I’m like, Yeah, of course, there are so many better models. But with acting, you grow such an attachment to each role.”

On what Rihanna told her when the Beach Boys film was cancelled: “Everything happens for a reason. You are going to call me back in a week or two and say, ‘You are right.’”

On how social media helped catapult her career: “I wouldn’t have done as well if I hadn’t had that. Not at all. In the ’90s, I wouldn’t have been a supermodel.”   

On her hopes of recording her own music album: “People are going to judge it so harshly that I think it has to be amazing.”

On finding inner peace in recent years: “I used to be in a constant state of panic and anxiety and have far too many voices in my head. I suddenly realized I’m peaceful inside, and I’ve never had that. Even when I was growing up.”

Credit @ WSJ.Magazine

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