Sunday, November 9, 2014

Clive Owen for Prestige Hong Kong November 2014

photographed by Richard Ramos

On becoming a Hollywood movie star: “Some people start in the acting game and they hate the in and out of work, and that other people determine if they’re going to work, but i was always a really great fan of the idea that tomorrow a script could arrive that could set me alight, the possibility of change, the potential that something great could be out there.”

On making the transition from theatre to movies and TV: "When I left drama school I only wanted to do theatre. I wasn’t interested, really, in TV or film. That was the reason I got into theatre, because I liked doing plays. And then when I was pretty young, just a few years out of drama school, I landed a TV show that changed things a lot for me."

On agreeing to do The Knick (TV series): "Soderbergh [director] was a big attraction. I got a call – I know him a little bit – and he said he had this script for a TV thing. He got the two writers on the phone and they pitched me the whole story, the arc of where I was going to go. It’s set in the world of medicine in 1900 in New York, and the script blew me away. I rang up my agent and said, “Oh my God, it’s brilliant.”

On turning 50: “The beauty of being an actor is that as you get older it’s ever changing. There are always parts to play. That journey is easier for men.”

On the success of his 20 year marriage: “We’ve known each other such a long time. It might have been different if one partner was very successful when you meet, but because we go back way back when, not really. The hardest part is traveling, of course.”

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