Monday, December 1, 2014

Bottega Veneta 'Knot' Fragrance Review

       When I first heard the news that Bottega Veneta was going to launch a new fragrance for women, I was very excited because I love the brand and I'm a big fan of Bottega Veneta's first eponymous Eau de Parfum, the sophisticated leathery composition, a nod to the brand's exquisite leather goods.

Daniela Andrier is the perfumer who worked on the new fragrance, Knot, and I feel she is the perfect match for this scent. Her often minimalist approach to fragrance fits like a glove here, the result being a wonderful composition for the modern woman who appreciates understated sophistication and effortless elegance.

Knot is a charming, flawless scent reminiscent of the Italian Riviera, with notes of mandarin, neroli, orange flower, lavender, rose, peony, musk, tonka bean.The fragrance is in perfect sync with Bottega Veneta's Spring 2015 collection, a whisper of elegance and comfort, but also luxurious and unique.

The official description of the fragrance is very accurate. Knot is a breezy, radiant floral scent, that feels both carefree but very posh and polished at the same time. The fragrance opens with just the right amount of citrus notes, a lovely mix of neroli and mandarin and they’ll take you into the aromatic floral heart of the scent, a combination of orange blossom, peony, rose and lavender. Everything here is very well balanced and blended. The orange blossom is gently backgrounded by rose and peony and the addition of the lavender note is a very interesting approach, meant to render the scent of "freshly laundered linens within an Italian seaside home". It is very evocative indeed. Having been to Italy I can confirm that it is spot on. It delivers what it promises.

I think lavender is one of the key notes in this fragrance and Daniela Andrier did a wonderful job with it; the lavender has presence but it feels delicate at the same time. The citrus and floral notes carry on in perfect harmony, alongside the lavender until the base comes in, a gentle mix of musk and tonka bean that adds texture and a subtle hint of sweetness in the base. Overall, Knot is a beautiful, velvety scent that will linger for hours (the lasting power is very good). It is extremely versatile and it will suit any occasion and any season. You can dress it up or you can dress it down. It has that timeless elegance and beauty to it, essential characteristics that make Knot a great addition to any fragrance wardrobe. I would say this is a classic beauty with a modern twist, it is stylish and classy, delicate and feminine.A scent that whispers and never shouts, that smells and feels very serene, a refined olfactory experience. 

I love everything about this fragrance: the smell, the packaging, the ad campaign, everything is on point. Knot is impeccably crafted and housed in an exquisite bottle that is a masterpiece.You have to see it in real life and you will understand why I say that it is probably my favourite bottle of 2014.

Knot captures the essence of the brand perfectly and I believe it is a great continuation for Bottega Veneta's fragrance portfolio. The cohesiveness found throughout the Bottega Veneta brand is one of the things I admire most. With every launch, they succeed in offering something different and unique that is still consistent with the brand's existing portfolio. Bottega Veneta has grown beautifully into one of world's premier luxury brands, the fragrances are exquisite and the ingredients are high quality. As a great admirer of Bottega Veneta's aesthetic, I'm very excited to see what the brand will offer in the future.

Verdict: Superb. One of the very best launches of 2014.

For more visit Bottega Veneta, Coty, and read my previous article. 

Review based on PR sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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