Monday, October 13, 2014

Patrick Dempsey for Manhattan Magazine October 2014

Photographed by John Russo

On his first audition for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ with creator Shonda Rhimes: “At first I thought [Shonda] hated me, but she was calculating in her head where to put me and what I’d be right for…they liked me, but they wanted me to do a chemistry read with [lead actress Ellen Pompeo]. I had an immediate connection with her because she has a Boston accent, and I’m from Maine, so that disarmed me.”

On his love of racing and his wife Jillian sharing his passion: “I think she kind of wishes she hadn’t allowed me to start racing because it’s become a full-time business and occupation outside of, and on top of, everything else I’m doing. She got the new Porsche 911 Targa as an anniversary present and now says, ‘I completely understand why you love cars and the rush of it!’ If you’re in a performance car there’s definitely a sensation that you get that is indescribable.”

On his favorite sports car, a Porsche 356, which he bought with the paycheck from his first big break, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love:’ “I will never let go of that car; it will always be symbolic to me. It’s reliable, it’s fun and it evokes a very strong emotional response from people.”

On his love for travel: “Travel allows us all to have more tolerance for people. I think right now that’s more important than ever.”

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