Sunday, August 24, 2014

Julianne Moore for Beach Magazine August 2014

On her tendency to migrate to roles about emotionally tortured women: "I’m very interested in confrontation and emotional drama, family drama. I realize as I look back at my career that I’m more interested in feelings than I am in ‘doing.’ Sometimes there are movies that are very much about what it takes for someone to accomplish a goal—this person’s going to climb this mountain, how did they get there, look they got there, the end. I’m more compelled by stories that tell why they got there; why they can’t do it; why they decided to; or what’s going on in their families that’s caused this issue. Behavior is something that really interests me, so most of my stories are about people’s behaviors."

On winning best actress at Cannes: "Winning Cannes was pretty great! That was a complete and utter shock. I was back in Montauk when I got the news. I had been there working and then left on a Wednesday. It was Memorial Day weekend and we were out here already, and I was cleaning out my shed because you know how you have to sweep out all of the mouse droppings because of the hantaviruses? So, literally, I had my mask on; I was cleaning the shed, washing towels, doing all the things that I usually do at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, and I get a phone call saying that I had won Cannes. My kids and husband were there, and I was absolutely shocked. I jumped up and down, and really surprised my daughter. It was a great acting accolade, but I won it in the presence of my family and in my favorite place, so it was an especially great moment."

On something no one knows about her: "How well I can clean! Yesterday I vacuumed all of the spiders out of the furniture on my porch, which was not pleasant, but it had to be done."

Photos: Driu & Tiago/Figarophoto/Contour by Getty Images 

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