Friday, June 6, 2014

Lana Del Rey for Fader Magazine June/July 2014

Photographed by Geordie Wood

On her health: "I’d been sick on tour for about two years with this medical anomaly that doctors couldn’t figure out. That’s a big part of my life: I just feel really sick a lot of the time and can’t figure out why. It’s just heavy performing for people who really care about you, and you don’t really care that much about yourself sometimes. I thought it was sad to be singing for people who really cared when I wasn’t sure if I did."

On her personal and professional life: "I’m never the star of my own show. I have a very complicated family life. I have a complicated personal life. It’s not just my life, it’s everyone else’s in this extended family unit. It’s always about someone else, even with the people I work with. I’m the quietest person on the set, generally. I’m actually the one that’s trying to keep it all together. It’s pretty weird. It’s a weird, weird world."

On her career: "My career isn’t about me. My career is a reflection of journalism, current-day journalism. My public persona and career has nothing to do with my internal process or my personal life. It is actually just a reflection on writers’ creative processes and where they’re at in 2014. Literally has nothing to do with me. Most of anything you’ve ever read is not true. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m trying to do what feels right.” 

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