Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Salma Hayek for New Beauty Magazine Spring 2014

On her family: “I have a child and a husband who always need me, and the one thing I can’t do is let myself relax and take time for myself—and I need to fix that. This is my weakness: I feel guilty for taking time for myself. The only place I feel I can do this is when I take a bath or I am in the shower, because no one can find me there.  Sometimes, in the morning, I lay down flat in the shower and let the water rush over me.  Even if you do it for five minutes, it’s really lovely.”

“My husband helps me a lot; I am lucky that I have a good team. My rule is that I won’t be away from my daughter Valentina for more than a week. And sometimes I won’t do a project because of that. We do everything like that and we manage. Sometimes I read a really good one but I can’t take it because of the timing.”

On her beauty philosophy: “Women, by nature, are moody. Once a month, we start freaking out. It’s part of being a woman! Our skin is moody, our hair is moody, we are moody. Don’t be frustrated by it. Listen to it, look after it, but, when it’s not behaving how you want, be prepared for it to happen and don’t do anything too drastic. So many people make beauty decisions in a panic.”

On her beauty line: “Everything I feel that I’ve needed in my life to look good or stay young, everything I’ve wished for, I’ve done in this line. I could have made my brand a lot more expensive, and it would have been a lot more successful. But then it wouldn’t have been accessible to all women who need it. Every woman is entitled to her youth and her beauty. I wanted to make a brand that cared about those problems and offered a real solution that was accessible. It’s important to me.”

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