Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eva Mendes for Flare Magazine May 2014

Photographed by Guy Aorch

On the revealing outfits she has worn: “It’s not that I’m against body-conscious clothes: I have worn them on the red carpet or out, but when I’m photographed in them, I always regret it. For me, it’s always been the easy way out. When I wear something a little more revealing, I think, Oh, gosh, I should have been more creative. I don’t like feeling like I’m on display… [But] my mother always says she wants to see me in more fitted things! She’s always saying, ‘Show off your body, it’s not always going to be like this!’”

On why she hates skinny jeans: “I’m always in dresses, in skirts—I think they’re so easy. People are always saying, ‘I love jeans, they’re so casual and easy,’ but I think jeans aren’t easy. They’re my worst nightmare.”

On her mother’s red carpet critiques: “She’s usually on the money. If she doesn’t like something, I can usually see why: it didn’t photograph well or looked weird around the waist.”

On working with Miuccia Prada on her recent film premiere dress: “Ms. Prada wanted my input. The dress felt really ladylike. We came up with some- thing really sweet, simple and elegant, colourful and easy.”

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