Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inside Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Los Angeles Home for The Coveteur

On how she started modelling: "I interned at a modelling agency when I was 15. I wanted to go to college and study fashion and design, so I figured doing work experience at a modelling agency would expose me to the industry the most; however I just ended up making cups of tea and photocopying! One day, one of the agents asked me if I’d ever consider modelling. I thought she was joking but jumped at the chance as I thought I’d finally get to go on a photoshoot! I booked a job the next day and the rest is history!

On her first designer splurge: "A Chloé ‘Silverado’ handbag when I was 17. I had never owned anything so expensive! I’d seen it in all the magazines and on all the celebrities; it was the ‘it’ bag of the moment, so I saved for weeks. I still have that bag I will never part with it!"

On her makeup routine: "I’m not very patient when I have to get ready for something personal, so I usually do minimal make-up and hair. I always wash and dry my hair, a little mascara, a smudge of eyeliner and a little blush on the cheeks and brow bone. For work and special events I let the experts take over!"

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