Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jared Leto for L.A. Confidential Spring 2014

On why Dallas Buyers Club has been so successful: “One is the story. Healthcare is an important issue. At the core there’s a classic fable there: A small group of people are willing to fight for their lives and refuse to say no. We all want to be the kind of person who says, ‘No. I’m going to find a way. I’m going to fight for my survival.’”

On dropping 30 pounds for the role: “Losing weight like that changes the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you think, the way you breathe, the way you feel, the way people treat you. So that makes it a great asset. You set a bar for yourself where you say, ‘Okay, I’ve done this, so I’ve got to make sure I do all the other things well.’”

On the long gap between his films- his last being 2007’s Chapter 27: “I’ve never been in a hurry. I’ve always wanted to make the most interesting and challenging work and to be proud of it and to contribute to something special and meaningful. I’ve seen the world many times over. You live a life. But it’s a long race, so you learn to maybe run smarter.”

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