Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jared Leto for Flaunt Magazine February 2014

Photographed by Eric Ray Davidson 

On his Dallas Buyer Club character: “I made it very clear early on that I saw [my character, Rayon] as a man who wanted to live his life as a woman, not someone who enjoyed putting on women’s clothing. If they wanted that kind of performance — or anything glam, or anything drag queen-y — I wasn’t the person for the part.”

“She’s an incredible, empathetic, beautiful dreamer. A heart the size of an ocean. She’s an absolutely one-of-a-kind creature. So, a lot of love and support for her as well. I feel like she became a person, a real person. Especially because I was so deep inside of her. I really feel like I got to know this person. It became like a living, breathing life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime role.”

On taking risks with the roles he plays: “I’ve made a lot of films that have fallen short. Films where we had the right intentions. Independent art house films that we all had high hopes for, but fell short. Gaining sixty-seven pounds for Chapter 27. Yeah, I think I’m willing to risk everything. I don’t say that with any conceits. I say that as a fact. I don’t see there being reward in another way. At least any worthy one. So when they connect with people and the films resonate, or the performance resonates—it’s a really wonderful thing to celebrate that.”

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