Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pink for Billboard Magazine December 2013 'Woman of the Year'

Pink has been named Billboard's Woman of the Year and covers the magazine's latest issue. Read on for more:
photographed by Andrew Macpherson

"Pink has almost been in a class by herself among women in music this year, and we're thrilled to recognize her successes by honoring her with the Billboard Woman of the Year award," Billboard editorial director Bill Werde says. "When our 2013 midyear numbers were released, she had the top-selling album and song for a woman, and a blockbuster, sold-out, international arena tour. Earlier this year, 'Just Give Me a Reason' topped the Billboard Hot 100, extending her amazingly consistent chart success, which dates back to her arrival in 2000. Combine all of this with a spirit that inspires fans of every stripe, and you arrive at the remarkable package that is P!nk. She will undoubtedly continue to accomplish great milestones in the years to come."

On her upcoming Grammy performance: "I know exactly what I want to do. I won't tell you, but it's going to be f**king amazing."

On how she feels being named Woman of the Year by Billboard: "Surreal. It’s been the best year I’ve ever had. I feel like I’m finally at an age when I can take it in … Willow [my daughter] has opened me up a lot. But this year, by far, it’s like a culmination of a lifetime of work has all just settled this year—everything has just been positive and enormous and wonderful."

On Just Give Me a Reason being a huge hit: "It felt awesome, because I wrote that song, I fought for that song, I fought to have Nate do that song, I fought for the entire thing. And it took many, many months to make that song happen. And I just didn't give up. When I f*cking want something I go after it. Nate wasn't sure that he wanted to be on a collaboration with a pop star. Their label is an independent label, they weren't sure. And I just kept telling them—well, I kind of tricked him into doing it, because we wrote the first verse the first day and basically the chorus, and then I went home and I was looking over the lyrics and thinking about the song, and it was never supposed to be a collaboration. We were just collaborating as writing partners. But I was like, "This song is a conversation between lovers." And he had to do it because he's my favorite voice right now, aside from probably Adele."

On learning from the best as far as touring the world and becoming a household name goes: "You can’t compare anybody to the Tina Turners and the Chers and the Sades and the Janet Jacksons — yet. And to me, they’re touring artists, they’re lifelong legendary touring artists. Bette Midler — these are my gods. I'm not after having a radio hit, I'm after making people cry in concert."

On a typical day on the road: "Typical day is wake up, Carey [husband] takes Willow to breakfast, then we go to the park. It's basically all about Willow. I go to the gym. Then we play for a little while, then we go to yoga and Willow comes. We do family yoga here with the dancers and some of the band and some of the crew here. And then we do sound check and then we eat. Then I do hair, I get my makeup done. Then I do my vocal warmups, I do my physi warmup, I do my prayer with the band and crew and then we go onstage. Then we get on the bus, go to sleep. Willow gets a bed, I go to the bunk. Then we wake up and do it all over again."

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