Monday, December 23, 2013

Bruno Mars is Billboard's Artist of the Year - December 2013 Issue

Bruno Mars covers Billboard's current issue as Artist of the Year. Read on for more.

On his success: Mars says simply that "now is the fun time" as he lives out the life his success has made possible. "My dream was to not get a day job but to sleep, wake up and do my music. And hopefully, my music does all the talking. I want to keep that dream forever. That's it. That's what I love to do."

On his album 'Unorthodox Jukebox':  "People were saying, 'Man, the second album is the most important because there's the sophomore jinx.' Or, 'Did he get lucky? Will he be able to do it again?' I'm like, 'Where is this coming from?' I didn't know whether people or radio was going to like it. I just knew that I need to love it, that I gave it everything. That's the feeling I tried for with every song I put on this album and with everything I write."

On not writing any new songs at the moment: "There's going to be a point on the tour [in 2014] where I'll wish I had a new song or 10 more songs to sing. That's when the excitement comes back and you start working that muscle, ready to get back into the studio. But I'm good right now. If you put me in the studio, I don't know what I'd come up with, because I'm so enjoying this moment right now."

Atlantic Records Group chairman/COO Julie Greenwaldon Bruno Mars: "He's writing, producing with collaborative partners, singing, playing, choreographing. A quintuple threat who's great at executing his vision."


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