Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amy Poehler for Paper Magazine Winter 2013

Photographed byWalter Chin

On SNL: "SNL's like a factory, and you try to get your sausage made in time. Everyone's experience...there is so personal and subjective and different. I kinda came at a time when the women were really crushing it. And I had a lot of friendly faces supporting and helping me."

On social media: "I'm not a real social-media person. I'm not on Twitter. I try not to read too much online because I always get my feelings hurt, even if someone's flattering you. Like somebody tweeting, 'Call me crazy, but I think Amy Poehler's attractive.' And you're like, 'OK? Thank you?' Or like someone writing, 'I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I'd have sex with Amy Poehler.'"

On Lou Reed who passed away recently: "I was just getting very nostalgic this week about Lou Reed, too. So many of my early memories of New York are of smoking. We all smoked. I was really young, and thought I could live forever. And I remember smoking after a show one night in the late '90s, outside Theatre 80 on St. Marks, and Lou Reed walked by. I bet a lot of people in New York have a Lou Reed sighting -- he's so iconic, and so New York. And I remember thinking, 'Oh my God, I can't believe I live here.' He was like a robin in spring. He was like the guy who told you you lived in New York. I always assumed that Lou Reed just walked up and down St. Marks all day long."

"I moved to New York in April of '96," she says. "I was living with my boyfriend at the time, Matt Besser, who's a member of UCB, in an apartment on 10th Street and Bleecker, right across from a store called Condomania. It's probably a Ralph Lauren now."


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