Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clive Christian Traveller Set for Holidays 2013

Clive Christian's Traveller Set contains three perfumes from Clive Christian’s Original Collection – 1872, X and No 1, The World’s Most  Expensive Perfume in 10ml perfume sprays. Available in two versions, one for men and one for women, the sets make an exquisite gift and perfect for somebody on the go. Housed in a  beautiful black case with each bottle individually crowned, the Traveller Set is a great introduction to the Original Collection.


Created in tribute to the year Queen Victoria granted the use of  her crown to The Crown Perfumery, 1872 for Women has citrus  notes of Bergamot, Tangerine and Lemon. At the heart, we find  Rose de Mai: 170 rose heads are used in every single drop of 1872  for women, which accounts for its power to move and inspire. 1872 for Men is fresh and spicy.Wonderfully rich and mysterious  notes come from the Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli and  green resins lying at the base, whilst right at the heart are Clary  Sage, Freesia, Tagetes Oil and Jasmine. Emperor Nero used to  sprinkle Clary Sage over his troops before they went into battle,  so invigorating and energizing did he deem it to be.


Mysterious and housed in a black bottle, X for Women combines  the essence of two of the world’s most powerfully aphrodisiac flowers at its heart – the Karo Karounde plant from West Africa and the rare Egyptian Jasmine, which is grown on the banks of  the Nile.While Cleopatra was floating on her barge towards the  fateful encounter with Antony, the sails were soaked in Egyptian  Jasmine, the scent of which reached him long before he saw her. As for X for Men, the perfume holds a spicy woody Chypre, with  heady top notes of Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Ginger, Juniper Berry  and Bergamot. At the heart are Hedione and Sambac Oil (both  derived from Jasmine), Pimento Oil and Orris – from the root of  the Iris. Orris was the sacred oil used in Pharaonic times to anoint  the sceptre of the Pharaoh.


Rich, luscious and memorable, No 1 is the one of a kind, The World’s Most Expensive Perfume. At the heart of No1 for Women lies the Florentine Iris; the root  of which takes two years dry and then is carefully macerated  for a further three years. This is generously laced with Rose and  Jasmine, with Ylang-ylang and Carnation, giving the perfume its  creamy, buttery heart. No1 for Men has top notes of Lime, Sicilian Mandarin and Pink Grapefruit, while at its heart there are Heliotrope and Lily of the Valley. The enveloping Sandalwood and Cedarwood are found in the base.

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