Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marion Cotillard & Naomie Harris for ELLE November 2013 'Women In Hollywood' Issue - First Look

Photographed by Thomas Whiteside

On why she became an actress: “When I was a kid, I started to have a lot of questions about human beings, and I was a troubled child because of all of these questions. I guess that’s why I became an actress. Not only because my parents were actors and, yeah, it’s a beautiful thing to tell stories, but I think I became an actress because I wanted to explore this—to explore what a human being is.”

On standing up for herself on set: “On my first film, I played a stowaway on a ship heading to Germany, and the director told me I was going to be thrown into the sea. But he didn’t have any stunt coordinators! I told him I would agree to be pushed over the side, but only if I could watch him getting pushed over first. Both of us stayed dry.”

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