Saturday, August 31, 2013

Naomi Watts for Hamptons Magazine September 2013

On Princess Diana being constantly exposed and scrutinized: "I can’t really think of many people who can survive that level of fame. It’s horrible to imagine that life. But she kept trying to get better—that’s why I fell in love with her. She was doing so much work to survive that, and fighting to be happy. Already she was going to have a tough time because of being separated from her mother for such a long time, then getting thrust into the royal lifestyle at 19, and being pushed out of it with the breakdown of her marriage. I think she felt very lonely and isolated, but she was working with healers. Some people are cynical about that, but I just love that she was trying to get better and she was trying to move beyond those difficult times."

On being a good friend and accepting people for who they are: "I feel like I’m always the one reaching out to my friends and making them into the therapist. But there’s a balance. I’ve grown up with a very strong matriarch in my life, who knows what she wants. She does have a vulnerable side, but she’s just a strong woman and very honest. She’s not a fake, my mom, in any way. I’ve seen everything, and I’m not afraid of big, strong scary people—I’m actually drawn to them—and I’m never judgmental of chaos or people’s weaknesses and flaws. I had the most interesting and probably adventurous childhood one can imagine: some sadness and ups and downs definitely, with the loss of my father, but I feel like I can get through it. Maybe that’s why people feel they can trust me, because I’m not freaked out by anything."

On having hobbies: "I take up things, and then I move away from them if they take up too much of my time and I’m not brilliant at them. I’m bad like that. Those would be things like tennis. And I did Italian classes through both of my pregnancies, and I loved that, but then I just found that I wasn’t moving to the next level. I love going on bike rides by myself or with the family. I love cooking—though I’m not a brilliant cook; I’m an okay cook. I’m terrible at baking. I love the garden, but that’s such an unsexy thing to say. When I’m out in the Hamptons, it’s the first thing I do—I go and check out the nurseries and see what’s on sale to reinvent my garden. They say, do not take up gardening—that means you’re moving way too deep into the second half of life."

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