Saturday, May 4, 2013

Olga Kurylenko for Ocean Drive May/June 2013

On not being a fan of working out: “I do sports and work out for action movies because I have to. I’m a bit lazy if it’s just for myself.”

On growing up in a small town: “Mine was a town to leave if you wanted a big career, like many towns in many countries. I mean, whenever it’s a small town there are fewer opportunities—people go to big cities, of course. In Berdyansk [Ukraine], there’s nothing apart from the beach and vacation. Like Miami, it’s a holiday place: It’s nice and warm in the summer, and we have tons of tourists, and in the winter it’s dead.”

On struggling to make a living: “Everybody was worried about surviving. I never thought I was going to make a job out of acting, especially in those times. It was impossible. Acting wasn’t considered a job that would allow you to survive.”

with Tom Cruise in Oblivion

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