Saturday, May 4, 2013

Isla Fisher for Gotham Magazine May/June 2013

On her role in Great Gatsby:"I wanted to portray Myrtle as a woman who is really in love. She thinks she married beneath herself and is stuck in a loveless marriage. Tom is authoritative and controlling–the opposite of [her husband] George—and she thinks his violence is a sign of masculinity. At the beginning, she may have been attracted to Tom for his wealth. I added the emotionally insecure side, but I also gave her a grounded, loving “Tom is my hero and he will rescue me from my status” vibe."

On working with Baz Luhrmann: "He’s clever, creative, and collaborative; and the set was like a playground of rich costumes (his wife Catherine Martin does them) and color and music and laughter. You do a lot of takes and a lot of improvisation. The camera is always moving; you don’t know [when] he’s going to come to you. During the party scenes, I’d be dancing, and there’s a camera in my face when I thought it was Tobey [Maguire]’s close-up. I love that. I will say this about Baz—he’s a perfectionist, so you relax because you know he’s thought of everything. Everybody cares on a Baz Luhrmann film set because everyone is so effing grateful to be there."

On how being mother has influenced her career: "Even when you don’t take your kids with you, your mind and heart are busy with them. It would be very hard for me to play scenes where a mother lost a child—I wouldn’t want to play that scene in Jude, where Kate Winslet finds her babies murdered. I’m just not ready to put my head into that kind of stuff while mine are so small. That’s why I’m drawn to lighter material."

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