Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amanda Seyfried for Allure US May 2013

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

On her recent movie role as porn star Linda Lovelace: “Maybe this is backwards, but because she found the power in herself and in her body at a point, it made me feel comfortable in my own skin in a way that I hadn’t been.”

On her breasts: “I saw a picture of them a couple of days ago from when I was 19, and my boobs were way bigger…There was something to beautiful about the size of them. When I look back, I’m like, ‘Why did I always give myself such a hard time?’ Nobody gave me shit about it except me.”

On a reporter assessing that she has the ‘face of an extraterrestrial’: “I like that. I’d rather not be ordinary-looking. I want something different about me. We all want to be originals.”

Courtesy of Allure 


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