Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bruno Mars for Paper Magazine December 2012 + New Single 'Young Girls'

Bruno Mars is featured on the cover of Paper Magazine's latest issue. Check out more from the cover shoot below and also scroll down to listen to Bruno Mars' brand new single, Young Girls.

On music: "Music is supposed to put you in a mood or make you feel something emotionally. Same reason you go see a movie. I don't have the luxury of characters, like a movie. I can't paint a picture for somebody... I don't have three hours to give you something. I have three-and-a-half minutes to make you feel something. And three-and-a-half minutes to make me feel something."

On the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where he performed this year: "These beautiful women are walking around in this lingerie. And I'm basically pouring my heart out to them saying they're the reason I am the way I am."

On the new album:  "It definitely might be darker, a little more aggressive. I'm saying some things that are probably going to open a lot of those doors."

On the new single, Young Girls (which you can listen to below): "The song is about a young, wild dude who happens to get lost in the sauce. You're going out every night. You're drinking every night, being young... looking for love in all the wrong places."

Credit @ Paper Magazine

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