Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anne Hathaway for Glamour Magazine January 2013

Photographed by Alexei Hay 

On staying away from shopping: "I looked at my life when I was on my honeymoon, which was gorgeous, and I thought, I need nothing. I'm not buying myself a single thing for the rest of this year."

On her competitive nature: "I like to fight for a job. You feel like you've emerged from the scrap, and you're like, 'OK, this one's mine. Did it. Done.'"

On the struggles of women: "We get pressure to define ourselves as women by how wild we are: How many guys did you sleep with? How drunk did you get?"

On her fond memories: "When I think back to some of the most fun nights in my life, it was just me out dancing."

Courtesy of Glamour 

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