Friday, November 2, 2012

Taylor Swift for ELLE Canada December 2012 - FULL

On making sure she lives a some-what normal life: "I'm always analyzing everything, so I thought a lot about what my life might be like if this actually happened to me. I don't think I'd get to be the same person I would watch all these True Hollywood Stories, and it seemed like a lot of people didn't get to live the life that they loved once they'd made it."

On how she knows when she wants to end a relationship: "I have a lot of sayings. Like, if you're debating whether you want to break up with a guy or not, I always ask myself the simple question of 'Do you want more or not?' When they leave and go home to their house, do you wish they would turn around and come back to yours? And 'I don't know' usually equals no in almost any scenario. I wqas justtalking to my friend about that today."

On why she writes break-up songs: "I just don't feel like writing songs about anything other than human emotions because it's such a fascinating thing... What else is there other than love?"

Credit @ ELLE Canada

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