Thursday, November 15, 2012

Marion Cotillard for W Magazine December 2012

 Photographed by Tim Walker

On being snubbed at Cannes: "I think I may have been on too many magazine covers. In France, they like the underdog. In America, they appreciate success."

On the first movie she ever saw: "'Fantasia.' The dancing hippopotamus made an impression on me. And, of course, 'E.T.' I went totally mad in the theater. I was almost pulling my hair out when they took E.T. away. That’s a deep memory of anger, despair, and pain. They had to get me out of the theater. I was screaming."

On whether it's more difficult to do a death scene or sex scene: "Definitely a sex scene. I hate sex scenes. The body is so important in this movie, but I hate being naked onscreen. It’s very weird to imagine how a person would have sex. It cannot be your way. Otherwise, it would be super uncomfortable and overly intimate. Everyone has a way to have sex, so a character does too. I mean, kissing is very powerful. You feel something, you know? It’s really intense to kiss as another person."

On her parents: “Both my parents were actors, and their favorite was Charlie Chaplin. My mother’s favorite actress was Greta Garbo.”    

On her superpower of choice: “I would love to fly. I don’t think I would like being invisible. If I could enter any room where they are making political decisions, I think I would kill myself. It would be too painful to see how people rule the world.”

Courtesy of W Magazine

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