Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio for Details Magazine December 2012

On his current busy schedule: "This has been an exceptional situation. Filming three movies back to back to back, I don't think I've ever done that. In a weird way. I realize these movies are about three different periods in American history, but all have a central character trying to hold on to the privileged life they've been given, by any means necessary."

On his "Django Unchained" character: "One of, if not the most, despicable, indulgent, radical characters I've ever read in my life. Writer-directors tend to be very precious about their material and their words, but Quentin's [Tarantino] whole process is getting input from the actors and adding levels to their characters. A lot of the talks we had specifically about phrenology really took him to a completely different level."

On shying away from big-budget franchise films: "I don't know why I choose certain films, I just gravitate toward them and I don't question that."

Courtesy of Details

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