Monday, November 5, 2012

Laura Linney for Gotham Magazine November 2012 - BUN

On being away from home: "I am, I’m all over the place. I’m on a press circuit, so I was in Telluride and Toronto then I went to North Carolina. My father [playwright Romulus Linney] passed away a year and a half ago, and his archive was opened at Appalachian State University; I went down and helped celebrate that. Then I go to Boston to do the intros to Masterpiece Classic, and then I start filming The Big C right after that."

On taking souvenirs from her movie sets: "I do try to take one little thing. I have a tea cup from one movie…. Whenever I go to London, which is one of my favorite places to work, actually, I always go to the Buckingham Palace gift shop and buy one of those commemorative mugs, so I have my crazy collection, which I am very fond of. I do try and save a button or a piece of fabric, or every once in a while there’s a painting on the set that I take a shine to, and I’ll ask the production department if I can buy it. I have the ring that I wore in The Savages. You do want to be able to hold something because even though you can look at film and hold a piece of it in your hand, it’s not tangible. It’s the experience that you want to keep a little bit with you."

On how she got to know her "Hyde Park on Hudson" character: "My character, Margaret “Daisy” Suckley, was a real person and fortunately for me, she lived to be [almost] 100 years old and her family home, Wilderstein, is a museum on the Hudson River. There are all these letters that she and Franklin D. Roosevelt exchanged, so you can certainly learn a lot from the letters and their back-and-forth, but more than anything, really what helped me was being able to go into her bedroom and see what she surrounded herself by. She woke up every morning to a lithograph portrait of FDR across from her bed. She slept in a little single bed, and next to that was a vitrine filled with little knickknack-y things that he had bought for her from around the world. Then on her bookshelf, there were a lot of books about health, mysticism, and largerthan- life characters like Napoleon. She was the one who gave FDR (his Scottish Terrier) Fala, which, for some reason, that blew my mind more than anything."

Courtesy of Gotham Magazine 

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