Monday, November 5, 2012

Eva Longoria for Latina Magazine November 2012

Photographed by Justin Stephens

On missing "Desperate Housewives": "I do [miss it]. I miss the consistency of going to the same place every day. I miss the girls. I miss the crew and I miss seeing their faces everyday. But no Gabby withdrawal. We did it all with that character. We fully explored every aspect of Gabby over eight years."

On staying connected through technology: "I have to have my Blackberry because I can only type fast on that but I also have the iPhone of course, I just cant type as fast. Plus on [the iPhone] I have autocorrect, which sometimes I don't like. iPad, iPhone, blackberry -- I'm connected. A mobile office if you will. It's so funny because I don't even know where my laptop is. I was looking for my laptop the other day and I haven't used it in months."

On how she spends her downtime: "I meditate a lot in the mornings and at night and I work out. And cooking, those are my downtimes. I have so many new recipes now that I'm working on because I'm on this whole health kick."

On staying educated: “As an actress, there’s a stereotype that we can’t be smart, we can’t be political, we can’t be civic-minded or engaged. We just have to stay in front of the camera and look pretty. No, I’m human. I can do more.”

 Courtesy of Latina Magazine

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