Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gwen Stefani for NYLON Magazine November 2012

On fame: "I'm telling you right now, being Number One or playing in a garage--they're both super fun."

On what inspires her: "I got all my favorite people that I work with [together] and we had a creative day. We basically all sat around with our art books and [magazine] tears and just put them up and did collages and tried to get a direction. We ended up not using anything, but it was really fun."

On how the music world and award shows are evolving: "It used to have so much weight. People even paid attention to the categories! Now if you win one--I don't even think anyone takes your picture. It's like, whatever."

On Don't Speak:  “I was pissed! I was being dumped in front of everybody. And I just remember finding so much power in songwriting[...] We were never bitter or mad, but it was like, I can tell this is happening…is it really going to happen? How can you do this? We’re best friends, you know? But, it did, and thank God. Or I wouldn’t have made all those songs.”

Credit @ NYLON Magazine 

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