Sunday, September 30, 2012

Linda Evangelista for Fashion Magazine November 2012

On her active lifestyle: "I have a trainer. And I do spinning. I do cross training. I do weight lifting. I do my power plate. I do my rebounder trampoline. I do my rowing machine. And I play sports."

On her preference for photo shoots over interviews: "I really like just to do covers and do the beautiful editorials. I like to pass on the interview part."

On the evolution of catwalk shows: "I love how precise and tight and opinionated a runway show is now. It is just so well-tooled."

On the photographer who she loves to work with: "I have pictures that I did with Steven Meisel that were not retouched. We held eight reflectors if we had to make the light perfect. They didn't have to erase a shadow or bag or wrinkle or pimple... I love him, and I feel so close to one. I really trust him."

Credit @ Fashion Magazine 

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