Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shiseido Launches New Lacquer Rouge

Shiseido is launching a new liquid lipstick range,

intense colour and rich luster for lips | inspired by Japanese lacquer artistry

Decorative articles and containers made of wood or paper and coated with lacquer are called lacquer-ware. Lacquer artisans complete several specific processes to achieve the art form’s beautiful lacquer finish.
The lacquer-ware technique is used for furnishing, ornaments, building architecture, religious articles and various other pieces. The oldest known example of lacquer-ware was unearthed at a ruin in Hokkaido, Japan and is estimated to be about 9000 years old.
Throughout the ages, Japanese lacquer-ware has been treasured for its lustrous shine, elegant patterns and beautiful forms.

To develop a truly lacquer-like lipstick, Shiseido examined the traditional processes used in lacquer artistry. Just as these techniques allow lacquer to add smoothness, colour and shine to wood, Shiseido developed processes that allows a liquid formulation to do the same for lips.
The result is a completely modern rouge that gives lips an exquisitely sensual, lacquer-like finish in just one coat.

Effect 1 – Smoothing the lips
The lip surface becomes even and benefits from skincare effects.
Effect 2 – Adherence and colour
Deep colour comes out beautifully.
Effect 3 – Top Coat
Lips are finished with a rich, polished shine.

Dick Page, Shiseido creative director: "The collection is about the simplicity of a lip gloss married to the intensity of a lipstick, with deep pigment and rich colour payoff, long-lasting shine and gloss. The lacquer rouge collection creates “a speedy glamour”.

  • RD501 DRAMA deep full blooded-red
  • RD702 SAVAGE rich earthy brown
  • RD203 PORTRAIT formal, reserved pink shade
  • RS 404 DISCO dancer, roller skates and a yo-yo disco pink
  • RD305 NYMPH rich, fleshy rose
  • BE306 CAMEL simple, chic beige

  • RD607 NOCTURNE intense dark red, suggestive of evening.
  • OR508 BLAZE fiery yellow-orange.
  • RD309 CARNELIAN lustrous, warm brown. Rich and adaptable. (Asian exclusive shade)
  • PK310 AMETHYST cool, glowing pink. Luminous and soft. (Asian exclusive shade)
  • RD311 RUBELITE demure reddish beige. Chic and discreet. (Asian exclusive shade)
  • RS312 SUNSTONE deep, greyish red. Intense and dramatic. (Asian exclusive shade)

All images @ Shiseido 


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