Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nelly Furtado for 'Para Todos' Magazine July 2012

Nelly Furtado covers this month's issue of Para Todos magazine, scroll down for more.

On her career in recent years: “Oh my gosh, It has been an awesome ride. The last few years have been pretty incredible. I had a break after the Spanish record and it was fabulous. I loved every moment of that Spanish record, making it, promoting it, meeting the artists and winning a Latin Grammy, I never expected that, that was crazy.”

On if more Spanish music is on the way
: “I’ve already started brainstorming for my next Spanish album. In Spanish I really want to come with a fresh Spanish record again possibly next year. I’m also working on a Spanish version of ‘Big Hoops’ as well, lets see how it turns out.”

On music today: “It’s changed, and I think it’s a good time for me to come out with a new album again because I am so eclectic, and I think the world has become more eclectic in music. All of my influences are so wide that now I think in the musical climate that we live in, people can understand my influences better and I kind of make more sense in today’s musical world.”

Courtesy of Para Todos

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