Saturday, July 28, 2012

Matthew McConaughey for 'Nylon Guys' Magazine September 2012

 Matthew McConaughey covers 'Nylon Guys' Magazine September 2012, more below.

On why he stopped doing romantic comedies: “On those romantic comedies, I’m going, ‘How do I keep the balls on the dude?’ They’ve written it so you have to come back emasculated and go, ‘I’ve been no one without you. I was lost for all my life but now I found you—take me back.’ And my deal was always, ‘What f–king chick wants that guy?’ C’mon, man, the guy’s gotta come back with dignity. So I said, ‘Let’s just hold out here. I’m going to wait until something really scares me, turns me on.’ And something happened…that allowed me to attract some things I was looking for, to where all of a sudden I was a really good idea for everyone.”

On his upbringing: “It wasn’t even in the vernacular of my dreams, being an actor. I was raised in a family that was like, ‘You get a job, you work your way up the ladder to get paid enough to take care of yourself and your family.’ The arts weren’t tangible enough, and when I would ask Mom, ‘Why can’t I watch TV?’ she said, ‘Don’t watch somebody do something when you can be out doing it yourself.’”

On how his family changed him: “They’re wonderful as far as significant points in life, but they don’t redefine anything. They give you a place where you can go, ‘I know if I go there, I can never be wrong.’ And there are very few things in life we can do that with. But they don’t redefine you. Someone asked me if this switch [from romantic comedies] had anything to do with my family. I said, ‘I don’t know, but the more secure a man is at home, the more high and wide he can fly outside it.’ I’m younger now than I was before the kids. I’m honestly wilder. I’m not irresponsible, but creatively, the roof got higher.”

Credit @ Nylon Guys Magazine

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