Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Anti-Aging Skincare Range

Yves Saint Laurent has launched the Forever Youth Liberator Anti-Aging & Restorative Product Range, targeted for people after the age of 30.  

YSL’s International Scientific Director, Caroline Negre: We have focused our researches on skin glycans and proven the efficacy of Glycanactif on those glycans. Glycobiology is considered as the third language of life. It is a new understanding of skin biology.

The products aim to restore glycans (saccharine chains which act as guides for cellular and molecular exchanges) impaired by aging by asking the cell to reproduce them in order to repair tissue compartment by compartment. The results are anti-wrinkle lift, plumpness and radiance. YSL SkinScience has identified a threesome of glycans, naturally contained in the skin, named the Glycanactif complex. Glycanactif™ acts on the skin’s three compartments (epidermis, dermal-epidermal junction, dermis) and targets these three sites of fundamental action, enabling the cell to re-function to top capacity and to re-produce.

The technology within the products is being lauded as a breakthrough for the revolutionary “Glycobiology.” Glycobiology is a new way of understanding skin’s biology, which makes it possible to target the skins three compartments and the three functions of cells: metabolism, structure and communication.

According to YSL, the most effective product in the range is the Forever Youth Liberator Serum, which is the most concentrated product in Glycanactif and holds eight patents.

Images @ YSL


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