Friday, March 9, 2012

Guerlain Terracotta 'Sun In The City' Makeup Collection Summer 2012

Here's what this gorgeous collection includes:

Nobody does illuminating powders quite like Guerlain and this one is no exception. The star of this collection is the TERRACOTTA SUN IN THE CITY Golden Glimmer Powder – Face and Décolleté £43/ €60

A face and body powder with creamy texture and metallic gold shimmer with a mother-of-pearl concentrate (75%). ‘Adds  shimmer to any tan with its precious metal glints like a skin-enhancing top coat.’ You can see swatches of this beauty and the liquid blushes (shown below) following this link and this link.

TERRACOTTA LIGHT Sheer Bronzing Powder £33.50 / €45
  • 02 Blondes with pink accents and soft tanned tones - for fair skin,
  • 03 Brunettes, enriched with coral touches and warm shades, for tanned and olive skin,
  • 04 Sun Blondes and 05 Sun Brunettes in brighter coral and pink colours, with heightened bronzed shades, and also richer in iridescent particles - for intense tan or mixed race skin.

 TERRACOTTA BLUSH Sun Shimmer Highlighter £28 / €35
  • 02 Sunny Pink
  • 03 Spicy Coral
Fluid texture blushes with  mother-of-pearl concentrate that instantly illuminates the cheekbones. Pink for blondes and coral for brunettes.Doesn't mean they can't be worn the other way around :P

TERRACOTTA SUN Sun Moisturiser Tan Booster £28/ €38

Limited Edition sunscreens: Sun Blondes SPF 30 and Sun Brunettes SPF 15, suitable for face and body.
Besides UVA and UVB filters, for an all the more radiant tan, Terracotta Sun relies on a second level of protection with the Natur’Détox complex, based on shea polyphenols. ‘It goes on the offensive against pollutant particles, nicotine, exhaust fumes, etc. and detoxes the skin for even more luminous colour, as a tan is always more beautiful on fresh, healthy skin.’ Both products contain Tan Booster complex, which encourages a tan to develop. ‘It is a far cry from an artificial self-tanning effect: a carob extract, an age-old tree native to Mediterranean countries, stimulates the natural production of melanin by the melanocytes at source.’

TERRACOTTA BRUSH Retractable Bronzing Powder Brush £26 / €38  

 Japanese theatre inspired Kabuki brush in a matte black  metal case for flawless and streak-free application of Guerlain powders.

Courtesy of Guerlain


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