Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guerlain 'Les Roses Et Le Noir' Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Guerlain's Spring 2012 makeup collection is a stunner, yet again. Scroll down for more.

  The limited edition Meteorites Cruel Gardenia illuminating powder is the star of the collection.

Noir G de Guerlain mascara: "Pull: there is a click and the mirror is revealed. Twist: a sleight of hand and a brush appears. Noir G is refillable to belong to you and no-one else. Pull the top to reveal the refill. Just trigger a secret click on the top of the cap to release it… And insert another."

This is how Guerlain describes the scent of this mascara: "the softness of flowery peach, the crispness of green vegetables, the opulence of rose and jasmine, the sensory pleasure of benzoin and white musk… "

66 Boulevard de Montparnasse Ecrin 6 Couleurs includes 6 shades for eyes.

Ecrin 4 Couleurs
12 LES AQUA: Shimmering iridescent petrol blue, sophisticated matte navy, velvet satin turquoise with perfect glide, and alcatar'eyes glacier blue with magnetic shine.
11 LES ROSES: Iridiscent frosted pink with minute pearl particles, matte intense pink with an ultra-gentle matte effect, velvet satin raspberry pink with a velvety finish, and metallic and hypnotic alcatar'eyes violet.

KissKiss gloss in:

  • 869 ROSE IN BLOOM: pure pink.
  • 870 CHERRY PINK: a gourmand pastel.
  • 871 FROSTED ROSE: an off-white with delicate, subtle pink mother-of-pearl particles.
  • 872 FLUSH PINK: an intense fuchsia.

Rouge G de Guerlain in:

  • 72 ROSE INNOCENT: pure and iridescent, it coats the lips in false innocence… Truly irresistible.
  • 73 ROSE ENSOLEILLÉ: creamy and luscious, its sensual accents set the lips alight.
  • 74 ROSE PIQUANT: a sumptuous pink with outrageous radiance.
  • 75 ROSE BARBARE: a false fuchsia, incandescent and provocative.

Courtesy of Guerlain


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