Monday, November 14, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker for InStyle Australia December 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker covers the December issue of InStyle Australia. More below.

Given that you're a multi-tasking career woman, wife and mother, you would seem to have more in common with Kate Reddy, your character in I Don't Know How She Does It, than you do with Carrie Bradshaw. Kate struggles to balance all these areas in her life. Do you find it difficult? "It's probably easier for me than for a lot of women who don't have the kind of support they need, and want, and should have. I'm financially secure, and so that liberates me to make choices. I can choose to work or not. I think [there are] a lot of women who are mothers that work two or three jobs that are not always the kind they love. They're not inspired and not passionate about it. So, I am always trying to make clear that I am not complaining; I am not suggesting that I have a difficult, laborious life...There are women all over the world who are doing it [all] in the most heroic way. And that is difficult, and really quite something."

There's a moment in the movie when you miss your child's first haircut. Has that happened to you? Have you missed an important "first"? [Laughs] "I've been very worried about missing firsts. I don't know why, but it's been a confluence of events that has allowed me to not miss the milestones, like the first walk, the losing of the first tooth, going to the potty for the first time, or the first words. But I worry. There are a lot more developmental stages for my children to go through, and there are things that are small that you can miss. For the most part, though, I feel pretty satisfied that I've been there for the things that I wanted very much to witness."

After nearly 15 years of marriage, what do you think you have learned about relationships? "Probably nothing earth shattering—just that relationships change and children alter them. People continue to be interesting and continue to be funny. Also, that you can want to be there [in the relationship] as much today as you did 15 years ago. In our case, that's 20 years altogether."

Courtesy of InStyle

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