Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kelly Rowland for Stylist Magazine November 2011

Kelly Rowland covers Stylist Magazine, November 2011. Scroll down for photos and interview snippets.

Roberto Cavalli jumper, Balmain skirt, Noor bangles

On what she does in her spare time: "I sleep. No, that’s just sleeping. [Laughs] OK. I like movies; Pretty Woman, Coming To America, Steel Magnolias. And food. Anything fat. Chocolate. Those Crunchie bars you have over here. And Curly Wurlys. Truly amazing."

On what helps her bypass negative impact that fame sometimes brings: "Great friends and great surroundings. Growing up with my mom, Doris, Bey [Beyoncé], and Bey’s mother, Tina. If I came home with a big head, they’d tell me to get out the house – which has happened by the way. That’s what is so beautiful about the friendship of Destiny’s Child; honesty. To this day, I could wake up one morning and there’s this long text message from Bey or Michelle."

On how the Destiny's Child girls have always supported each other: "Listen, you can’t preach about having female power, supporting each other and being a unit, if you’re not one. I remember one of the first solo projects Bey did, I was sitting there the whole video shoot supporting her. I was happy for my sister. Some of the public would love for me to hate her, but what’s the purpose? What’s to gain out of it? One of the things I’m most proud of in my life is the fact that we have maintained a sisterly bond."

On having money and splurging on things: "In my industry, you come across a lot of money but it could easily slip through your fingers. You have to be careful not to allow your peers to make you feel like you have to live a certain way. Like, I’m not trying to keep up with Bey. Her income is completely different from mine. Yeah, I might like a nice handbag but I need to work my behind off to make sure I can get the bag and I’m still able to take care of my bills, my family and my business."

On being more confident with age: "I love getting older. The grey hair bit I’m still getting used to – and the gravity [laughs]. But other than that, I love it. Things just start to click. I started developing as a business woman. I now know I need to make sure that everything is right for me, not for anybody else. And OK, that might be selfish, but there’s nothing wrong with being selfish, as long as you don’t abuse it. I have to think: ‘What do I want in the next 10 years? Do I work hard enough? Do I have my priorities straight? Am I waking up early enough to catch the worm and going to bed late enough to make sure everything is done?’ Delegating is something I’m still working on."

Dress by Mark Fast

Dress by Boss Black.

Just Cavalli dress, cuffs and shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti coat, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Gucci jacket

Courtesy of Stylist Magazine

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