Friday, November 4, 2011

Fergie for 'Ocean Drive' Magazine November 2011

Fergie covers this month's issue of Ocean Drive magazine, talks Black Eyed Peas break and future plans. More below.

On Black Eyed Peas taking a long break: “We have a final concert [in Miami] before we go on our big hiatus. Miami’s a party place; we’re a party group. It’s the perfect audience. People in Miami love to live life, and the Black Eyed Peas—that’s what we’re all about. And it’ll be a beautiful celebration of all the work we’ve put into all these years. We worked really hard. There were days where we weren’t sleeping and were doing numbers of shows per day, and it was just go big or go home. We were just all hungry for it, and doing it together.”

Denying rumors that Black Eyes Peas members no longer get along: “If somebody had a bad day, we had the others to hold each other up. We went through so many unique experiences together that it’s really a beautiful thing…. I choked up just the other night at Central Park when we did that show. These are great celebrations of our friendship, and we know it’s going to be a while before this happens again, so we’re just taking it in right now and just really enjoying each moment.”

On looking forward to taking a break: "[I won’t miss] sleeping in different hotel rooms all the time. I want to be home, because I moved into my house but I haven’t really been able to decorate it fully— just going to museums, going to art galleries, picking out art, things like that that I haven’t been able to do lately. I’ll be excited to be in my own bed at night.”

Courtesy of Ocean Drive

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