Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dior Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection: Les Rouges Or

The new Dior Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection: Les Rouges Or is available this month and includes several palettes, nail polishes, brushes and more. Scroll down for details.

"The story of Dior and Gold is a long one, with its origins in the very sound of the name ―Dior. This fact did not escape Jean Cocteau who said, “Dior, this airy genius of our times whose magical name includes that of God (Dieu) and Gold (or).” Rigour combined with excess: it was a prophetic name. From his first couture collections at the end of the 1940s, Christian Dior toyed with gold as the ultimate symbol of true luxury and dreams, as seen in his 1947 ―Champagne gold silk Aladdin gown, in the 1949 ―Pactole‖ gown and so on.

Gold was synonymous with refinement, also appearing as a delicate highlighting touch on perfume bottles and the first lipsticks. Thus, the fascination with gold has continued over the decades. In whichever way it is used, gold is always symbolic of a doorway into a dream. And today the House of Dior is inviting us to a new enchanted experience with a flamboyant collection created by Tyen, where the colour gold provides the setting for Dior’s emblematic Rouge Dior lipcolors and Vernis nail varnishes. Gold reveals the potency of their shades, and like gold powder thrown into crystal fusion to colour it red, gold equals refinement; it glimmers with luxury."

Les Rouges Or Collection ($32.00 each, limited edition)
Available in four shades infused with ultra-fine golden powder: Or Etoilé #217, Versailles #527, Belle de Nuit #841, Nocturne #961

The Or Vernis Collection ($22.00 each)
Includes the limited edition Gold Varnish plus other shades infused with a golden powder: Or Divin #221, Exquis #611, Merveille #651, Apparat #871.

5-Couleurs Gold Infused Palette in Couture Gold ($59.00) with a silky, luminous finish.

Deluxe Holiday Palette ($77.00, limited edition)
Includes: Creme de Rose Lip Balm, multi-toned Diorskin Nude sculpting powder, dark aubergine eyeliner, medium plum eyeshadow, petal pink lipgloss. The other side of the palette can be used to create the nude eyes/intense lips look: taupe and pale pink eyeshadow, red lipstick, plus a Mini Diorshow Iconic Mascara.

Holiday Eye Palette ($46.00, limited edition)
To create smoky brown eyes, you have a mix of beige and brown iridescent eyeshadows, a dark brown eyeliner and luminous highlighter.

Holiday Lip Palette ($46.00, limited edition)
Features a hydrating Lip Balm, 2 pink lipsticks, and 1 sheer pink lipgloss.

Mini Brush Set ($62.00, limited edition)
Includes four essential travel-size brushes for foundation, blush, eyes and lips.

Courtesy of Dior

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