Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Fall 2011 - FIRST LOOK PHOTOS

If you're a beauty junkie, you're in for an AMAZING treat. Here's a first look at Tom Ford's brand new beauty collection that will hit stores in October. The full line includes nail polishes, skin care, brow pencils, lip glosses, liquid and stick foundation, brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and more. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous, the packaging is to die for and since we're talking about Tom Ford here, you can expect top notch quality products. I want everything!

Here's a message from Tom Ford himself: "My first collection for this fall [2011] arrives in stores in the US and Europe in October. I name all of the colors myself and someone just asked me what my two favorite names of colors that I had designed where. One is a great red lip color called “Lost Cherry” and the other is a dark nail polish called “Bitter B*tch”. Naming colors is always fun and great names can really help certain colors catch on..."

Tom Ford also spoke about the future collection for 2012: "I am finishing up the colors for my fall 2012 cosmetics collection. It is actually a great deal of fun as we sit in a studio and mix raw pigments until we get the right shades, try them on girls with different skin tones and then edit the collection into a color palette that I feel will be the right direction for fall 2012. From there the factories and our research department take our raw pigment blends and then turn them into real products which we will then test again and create the actual looks that will form the collection."

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Eyeshadow Palette

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Lip Glosses

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Purifying Crème Cleanser, 
Illuminating Protective Primer, Intensive Infusion Ultra Rich Moisturizer

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Traceless Foundation (liquid and stick)

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Nail Lacquer

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Lipcolor

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Make-up Brushes

Images and quotes courtesy of the official Tom Ford Facebook Page

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