Sunday, August 28, 2011

MAC Posh Paradise Collection Fall 2011 - First Look

As previously reported, MAC will release the limited edition Posh Paradise collection, that will arrive in stores mid-September. Read on for more details and photos.

"Succumb to temptation in a Paradise that invites taboo encounters. Rare and exotic, these delights are divine; fig leaves meet fashion beneath a jungle canopy where Seeds of Desire sprout. Discover Unknown Pleasures with lavishly lush Nail Lacquers and Mattene Lipsticks. Semi-matte lips get ultra-pure colour in a slinky, slither-smooth formula that feels as light on the lips as lust. Trespass tantalizingly with pearlized Paint Pots in shades that create seamless coverage while blending smoothly over the lids. Indulge yourself with a plush, posh and provocative collection of hypnotic hues."

The collection includes:

Paint Pots ($17.50) (Limited Edition)

    * Treasure Hunt (frost): Light pearled yellow
    * Half-Wild (frost): Mid-tone purple
    * Hyperviolet (frost): Deep violet
    * Nubile (frost): Light peachy nude
    * Idyllic (frost): Mid-tone copper bronze
    * Genuine Treasure (frost): Reflects antique gold
    * Pure Creation (frost): Mid-tone frosty blue
    * Imaginary (frost): Blackened navy

Mattene Lipstick ($14.50) (Limited Edition)

    * Naked Bliss: Neutral light pink
    * Rare Exotic: Bright mid-tone blue pink
    * Legendary: Mid-tone brick red
    * Unknown Pleasures: Deep red blue
    * Seeds of Desire: Deep brown plum
    * Eden Rouge: Bright blue-red
    * Delectable: Orange-beige
    * Potent Fig: Deep blue grape
    * Deliciously Foribbden: Mid-tone berry
    * Fresh Amour: Light lavender

Nail Lacquer ($15.00) (Limited Edition)

    * Immortal Gold (frost): Pale gold
    * Rain of Flowers (frost): Blackened violet with violet pearlized pigments

Courtesy of MAC


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