Friday, August 12, 2011

Lenny Kravitz for Uptown Magazine August/September 2011

Lenny Kravitz covers Uptown magazine, August/September 2011, talks about his upcoming movie role in 'Hunger Games', his new album and more. Scroll down for interview excerpts and photos.

On relationships:  “I am single and open and waiting.”

On his music “All of my albums are all
 over the place musically. I have a difficult time making a record and staying 
on one path. I just do what I feel, and 
it just comes out.”

On late friend and mentor Teena Marie: “She would cook a lot. It was her and
 Penny Johnson, Rick James’ little sister. They looked after me, fed me. She took
 me to concerts. She took care of a lot of folks. The big reason why I am here 
[is] because of this sister. She was for real. She was self contained,
a multi-instrumentalist, a writer, producer. She was so talented.”

On his Jewish/African-American heritage“I was the kid they knew was different. They knew who my parents were
 and would call them Mr. Day and Mrs. Night, or they’d call me zebra. I didn’t stick 
to one group, and I ended up listening to all kinds of music.”

On seeing the Jackson 5 at Madison Square Garden: “I remember all the flash bulbs going off. They sang “The Love You Save” and 
I lost my mind. Aretha Franklin  sat next to us; she had on this white fur stole
 with the matching fur hat. The music just hit me.”

Courtesy of Uptown magazine


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