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Kate Walsh for Boston Common Magazine September 2011

Kate Walsh covers Boston Common magazine, September 2011. Check out the photos and interview excerpts below:

How did the idea for your own perfume come about?
: I had the idea a long time ago, after a breakup. I didn’t miss him so much as I missed the scent of a man on my skin, or the scent of his skin on his shirt. The idea wouldn’t leave me alone. I kept hearing slogans in my mind, like “Who doesn’t want a boyfriend in a bottle?” or “My mother loves my boyfriend.” I didn’t want to do a celebrity fragrance, and I’d done endorsements before. So I waited a few years. When I couldn’t find that scent I was looking for, I decided to create an homage to the boyfriend and finance it myself, start my own company. It’s a nod to boyfriends, who are less celebrated than spouses but still have important roles to play.

How important is the smell of a man to you?
There is a pheromone thing that happens. They’re powerful. We’re animals, when it comes down to it. It’s what saves us from being computers.

What was your first perfume?
My grandmother gave me a violet eau de toilette in a beautiful bottle wrapped with a purple ribbon. It was like opening a jewelry box. I remember as a girl snooping in bedrooms and sniffing perfume bottles. They’re treasures for girls. That’s why I made it a custom bottle, like a Chanel bottle with a modern edge. Women like having pretty things. It’s accessible luxury.

Theyskens’ Theory jacket, Jenni Kayne top, Agent Provocateur bra,  
Michael Kors pants, Chanel earrings

What did you learn about perfumery?
I had in mind my first visit to Europe when I was 20. Everyone looks good there. I thought, You shouldn’t have to be rich to look or smell good. So to get to that point I had a lot of help from the people at Givaudan perfumery just outside New York City. I learned the different olfactory categories and the lingo of top notes and base notes. I would bring in a candle as an example of what I liked, and they would help me articulate scent in the language of perfumery.

What's your own relationship status right now?
Single but dating, unmarried.

What about the issue of being a mom yourself?
I always said I didn’t want to do it on my own, but never say never. I do know that one way or another I will be a mother. If you have the desire, you have to do it.

What else can we expect from Private Practice?
Benjamin Bratt will be joining the cast, and we’re going to see the show going in a few unexpected directions.

Stella McCartney jumpsuit, Chanel ring
You've been in a number of films, like Under the Tuscan Sun and the recent Angels Crest. How does acting for the big screen compare to television?
I love doing movies because they’re finite—it’s 90 minutes instead of seven years. On TV, great writers keep it interesting, but doing films or plays allows me to explore other stuff. It’s a catch-22 when your television show or character becomes a success—it gives you the opportunity to dig deep into a character, but you’re also playing that one character for years.

Do you share Addison's taste in fashion?
Addison is a fashionista. Linda Bass styles her on the show. She brought back the WASPy, classic pieces. She dresses a little more conservatively than I do, but I do love fashion. It plays a pretty big role in my life. I was thinking about that recently, looking at my closet. I have lots of shoes—it’s almost ridiculous. It all started when I got on one bad-dressed list years ago. I was in New York, and I didn’t have any time to shop between filming and doing press. And then that happened, so I hired a stylist. It’s another art form; it’s fun, another way to express yourself.

What's your go-to look for fall?
KW:I’m loving wide-leg jeans with a tee and cropped jacket.

Whow are your favorite designers right now?
I am obsessed with Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney. Marant is so wearable day to night. Addison wears a lot of Max Mara on the show. That brand always feels like it’s made for me. And Dolce & Gabbana for the simple structure. For shoes, I love Brian Atwood platform pumps and Céline sandals. Oh, and I can’t forget Marant’s fierce shoes.

Where do you retreat when you need a break?
Mexico is a top choice for me. I also love going to Anguilla, where I recently vacationed. I work with Oceana, the marine conservancy organization. Warm spots are good ones—I love to snorkel and swim, and I dive occasionally.

What's your most romantic city?
Rome. The light there is straight off a movie set. It’s so cosmopolitan, and the people are both cosmopolitan and warm. I had a torrid affair in Rome after Under the Tuscan Sun filmed. I can’t tell you with whom, but it was torrid and fantastic! I hadn’t even planned to be in Rome. I had just bought my first house and thought I’d never travel again. I saw Roman Holiday one night, thinking that was as close to Rome as I would get for a while. The next day my agent called about the part in Tuscan Sun. She said they planned to shoot Rome for San Francisco. I said, I’m there!

Dior dress, David Yurman cuff, bracelet and ring

Courtesy of Boston Common

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